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Pueblo's transportation system

The two major roadways that bisect Pueblo County, Interstate 25 (I-25) and Highway 50, carry almost all of the traffic that goes through Pueblo.  These two roads form the framework of the state highway network through Pueblo that comprises 250 of the 420 miles of major roads.  Other significant state highways that traverse the region include State Highway (SH) 96 and SH78.  Additionally, SH 45 runs the majority of the way through the urban section of Pueblo, carrying traffic from the south interchange of I-25 to U.S. Highway 50A.  SH 10 also cuts through Pueblo County but is not generally utilized by Pueblo traffic; rather it is a connection between La Junta and Walsenburg.


 To better understand PACOG's highway system, roadways are classified using the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) functional classification scheme with five key categories; freeways, expressways, principal arterials, minor arterials, and collectors. These classifications are also used to frame the PACOG travel demand model.

These different classifications make up over 2,400 miles of public roadways, which are the dominant form of transportation in the region.  The use and demand of this system make it imperative that PACOG/MPO work collaboratively with the Federal Highways Administration,  Colorado Department of Transportation, City of Pueblo, and Pueblo County to determine priority projects in the region

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