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Transportation Improvement Program amendments

The TIP process: (TO BE ADOPTED)
The Transportation Improvement Program, is a living document, which allows the program to be amended.  There are two types of amendments, policy amendments and administrative amendments. 

Policy Amendments:

These type of amendments require public notice for a public comment period that are published in the Pueblo Chieftain,, PACOG social media pages.  These amendments must have official approval by TAC and PACOG Board of Directors, followed by submission and approval by CDOT. 


Policy amendments must meet the following criteria:

1.) Addition or deletion of any federally funded projects (except as noted in the Administrative Amendments section below)

2.) Addition or deletion of any regionally significant state or locally funded projects (except as  noted in the Administrative Amendments section below) 

3.) Changes/adjustments to federal funds that are programmed by PACOG.  (PACOG Board is the only body with the authority to remove or add regional funding to a project/program.)

4.) Changes/adjustments to federal or state funds programmed or selected by CDOT (with approval from transportation commission or similar body)

5.) Significant changes to the scope of any project (e.g. changing the number of traffic through lanes, changing termini, addition or removal of multimodal features)

6.) Changes in a project's fund source(s) from non-federal to federal, or federal to non-federal.

Administrative Amendments:

These types of amendments are minor and may be made by PACOG staff without formal action by TAC or the PACOG Board.

Administrative Amendments to the TIP qualify as:

1.) Addition or deletion of any non-regionally significant state funded projects.

2.) Adding or modifying Emergency Relief funded projects.

3.) Adding or modifying state or local regionally significant projects that have already been through their own public involvement and approval processes.

4.) Minor changes to the scope of any project not triggering an amendment as outlined above.

5.) Changing a project's sponsoring agency when agreed upon by the two agencies affected and formal agreement has been signed by the appropriate agency authorities.

6.) Changes made to an existing project's amount of local funds, provided no other federal or state funding, scoping or termini changes are being made to the project and does not affect the local match requirement.

7.) Adjustments to funds between preconstruction and construction.

8.) Project roll forwards (moving a project within the programmed four years of the TIP) if:

  • Unable to obligate in current year of TIP and jurisdiction has provided adequate justification for the delay and

  • The obligation authority or apportionment has not lapsed, and funding is still available.

For more information on the TIP process and amendments, please see the 

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