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Pueblo Area Council of Governments Minutes Archive

If you are looking for minutes prior to 2017, search for the document online or email Louella at


1-28-2021 PACOG Minutes

2-25-2021 PACOG Minutes

3-25-2021 PACOG Minutes

4-22-2021 PACOG Minutes


1-23-2020 PACOG Minutes

2-27-2020 PACOG Minutes

8-27-2020 PACOG Minutes

9-24-2020 PACOG Minutes

10-22-2020 PACOG Minutes

12-10-2020 PACOG Minutes


2019 PACOG Meeting Minutes .ZIP


2018 PACOG Meeting Minutes.ZIP


2017 PACOG Meeting Minutes.ZIP

PACOG Agenda

PACOG May 27, 2021 Meeting Agenda


If you are looking for a Resolution prior to 2017, search for the document online or email Louella at



Click below to search for PACOG Resolution information from the Years 1984-Present (i.e., resolution number, title, & approval date)

PACOG Resolution List


PACOG Resolutions January 28, 2021

PACOG Resolutions February 25, 2021

PACOG Resolutions March 25, 2021

PACOG Resolution May 27, 2021


PACOG Resolutions January 23, 2020

PACOG Resolutions February 27, 2020

PACOG Resolutions March 25, 2020

PACOG Resolutions April 21, 2020

PACOG Resolutions May 12, 2020

PACOG Resolutions June 9, 2020

PACOG Resolutions July 28, 2020

PACOG Resolutions August 11, 2020

PACOG Resolutions August 13, 2020

PACOG Resolution August 27, 2020

PACOG Resolutions December 10, 2020


2019 PACOG Resolutions.ZIP


2018 PACOG Resolutions.ZIP


2017 PACOG Resolutions.ZIP

CDOT Link: Final Applications Due: Friday May 27,2022 5pm. Scoring and projection selection workshop: June 9,2022,2pm Recommend approval and inclusion in TIP to TAC: June 14,2022 BOD approval and inclusion in TIP: June 23, 2022 If you are planning on attending the Applicant Q&A workshop on April 13, 2022, please let me know and I can send you a calendar invite. Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you, Eva Cosyleon Planner 719-553-2248

What is PACOG?


The Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG) is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Pueblo area as required by Title 23 of federal statutes for both long-term and short-term urban transportation planning.  As the designated MPO, PACOG has responsibility for carrying out the “continuing, comprehensive, and coordinated” (“3C”) transportation planning process rests jointly with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and PACOG.  PACOG 3-C transportation planning activities are carried out by the City of Pueblo’s Urban Transportation Planning Division, which utilizes the resources of the City of Pueblo’s Transportation Department, the Pueblo County Department of Planning, and various external consulting firms.

Contracts and agreements for the administration of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Consolidated Planning Grant (CPG) funds are executed by CDOT and PACOG based on the program objectives of the current Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and implemented by the Urban Transportation Planning Division as authorized and directed by the PACOG Board of Directors.

The PACOG Bylaws


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